How Do You Add Spin With A Wedge Club In Golf?

How Do You Add Spin With A Wedge Club In Golf

Adding spin to a wedge shot is one of the most difficult shots to execute in golf. If you want to leave your playing partners in awe during a match, follow these four steps to put spin on the ball like the pros:

  1. Ensure clean conditions
  2. Lean at address
  3. Abbreviate the swing
  4. Pull the handle

Ensure Clean Conditions

No matter how good your technique is, you are not going to be able to put spin on a wedge if your ball is not in a good spot. If you are in the rough or bunker, it is not a good idea to try and put spin on the ball, as it will be very difficult. You are also going to need clean grooves on your wedge, and a high-performance ball.

Lean at Address

You want to position the ball in the middle of your stance and have most of your weight set over your left foot. By tilting your body slightly behind the ball, the setup will allow you to hit down on the ball while creating a launch angle that will put spin on the ball.

Abbreviate the Swing

You only want your backswing to go three quarters in length and have minimal body turn. You want a lot of power from your wrists to help generate the clubhead speed needed to create backspin. You also want to keep your arms on an upright path.

Pull the Handle

Keep the grip ahead of the clubhead as you are turning through the impact of the ball. You want to feel like you're pulling the handle toward your target. Even though it might be a short distance shot, you still want to swing hard. The combination of forward-shaft lean and clubhead speed is what is going to give you a lot of spin.