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How Can I Play A Round Of Golf At Augusta National?

How can I play a round of golf at Augusta National?
This image above is a picture of a professional golf association (PGA) athlete competing during the Masters Tournament at Augusta National.This player is taking a fairway shot during the most important tournament of the year. Playing on the PGA tour is just one way to be able to play at one of the nicest golf courses in America.
Augusta National Golf Course is one of the most private and closed off golf courses. There are only a handful of ways to be able to play here. Some of the different ways that a person could play a round at Augusta National are to become a volunteer at the Masters Tournament, join Augusta country club, become a caddie, win the media ballot, or know a member.
Augusta National is one of the hardest golf courses to play a round at.Membership is invitation only meaning that the only way to even become a member to play at this course is to know somebody.

Augusta National golf course is one of the nicest and best kept golf courses that you will see in America. It is the nicest golf course that many play on throughout their entire life.

Although, even if it is one of the nicest golf courses in the country it is also one of the hardest courses to get playing time on. There are only a handful of ways that people are able to play a round of golf at Augusta National. However, despite being one of the most exclusive courses in the world you can still play a round of golf just by knowing the right people. One of the easiest ways to play a round of golf at Augusta National is to simply know someone that is a member of Augusta National.

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Knowing a Member

There are just about 300 members of Augusta National golf course and being invited by one of them is the quickest way to get a round in at the famous course.

One of the hardest ways to play at Augusta National golf course is to qualify for the Masters Tournament. You do not have to necessarily be a professional golfer though as the British Ametur Champion gets an automatic invite to the special event.

Winning the Media Ballot

Someone could play a round at Augusta National by winning the media ballot at the Masters, which is when media members covering the Masters Tournament are selected to play a round for free.

Join Augusta Country Club

You could also become a member of Augusta country club, where Augusta National members call if they are short a man for a foursome.

Other Ways to Play

Other ways to play at Augusta National also include becoming a volunteer for the Masters, which is said to be just as hard as securing a membership at Augusta National, or work as a caddie at the golf course.

Augusta National Golf Course Clubhouse

This image is a picture of one of the most famous golf course clubhouses in the world. This picture is a representation of Augusta National and everyone knows where this image is once seeing it. This is the clubhouse that is shown in all commercials and memorabilia for the Masters Tournament so it is well known throughout the world.


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