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Golf Hitting The Wrong Ball

Hitting The Wrong Ball In Golf

It's important that we learn about hitting the wrong golf ball.

  • Wrong Golf Ball
  • Two Stroke Penalty
  • Marking Golf Ball
  • Identifying Golf Ball

Wrong Golf Ball

A wrong golf ball occurs when a golfer accidentally plays the ball of a playing partner instead of their own ball.

Two Stroke Penalty

If a golfer does play the wrong ball, then that golfer will receive a two-stroke penalty and hit from the original spot of where his ball lies.

Marking Golf Ball

In order to help a golfer identify his ball, a player can draw a special mark on the ball before a round. This will ensure a golfer does not play the ball of a playing partner by accident.

Identifying Golf Ball

Prior to hitting his ball, a golfer must identify the golf ball to make sure the ball is theirs. This is the first action a golfer should take upon approaching the ball.