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Golf Hit And Contact Types

Table of Contents

Golf Hit and Contact Types

Let's learn about different types of hits that a golfer might make when hitting the golf ball.

  • Flush
  • Pure
  • Solid
  • Blade
  • Skinny
  • Thin
  • Top
  • Chunk
  • Fat
  • Duff
  • Chilidip
  • Lay the Sod
  • Shank
  • Wormburner


Hitting a golf ball flush is another of saying the golf club makes great contact with the golf ball, usually producing a good shot.


Similar to hitting a ball flush, the term pure is another of describing when a golfer makes excellent contact with the golf ball


Hitting a golf ball solid is another of saying the golf club made great contact with the ball at impact.


To blade a golf ball means to hit the top part of the ball, which results in the golf ball traveling low to the ground. A golfer may blade a golf ball when attempting to hit a full shot or a chip/pitch shot. Ultimately, blading the golf ball usually results in the golf ball flying well past the indended target.


Hitting the ball skinny means to hit a golf ball slightly on the top side of the ball, which often results in a lower flighted shot. This is another of saying to hit a ball thin.


Hitting a ball thin means the golf club only makes contact with the golf ball and fails to make a divot.


Toping a golf ball consists of a golf ball striking the very top part of the golf ball, which results in the ball traveling a much shorter distance relative to the intended target.


Chunking a shot means a golfer catches too much of the ground with the golf club upon hitting the golf ball.


Hitting a ball fat means that the golf club makes contact with the ground before striking the golf ball, leading to the ball ending up short of the intended target.


To duff a golf ball means that a golfer hits so far behind the ball on a pitch or chip shot, that the ball moves a very short distance towards the intended target.


Chilidip is a slang term used to describe when a golfer hits a pitch or chip shot fat, where the golf club strikes the ground before the ball.

Lay the Sod

Lay the sod is a term that describes when a golfer's club impacts the ground well behind the golf ball, leading to a poor golf shot, and a large piece of turf becoming displaces from the ground.


A shank occurs when the hosel of the golf club makes contact with the ball, shooting the ball sideways and resulting in a poor shot.


A wormburner, similar to blading a shot, occurs when the golf ball travels a short distance relative to the intended target and barely travels off the ground.


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