Golf Grip Types

Golf Grip Types

Let's discuss the following related to the golf swing setup.

  • Address
  • Grip
  • Weak Grip
  • Strong Grip
  • Overlap
  • Interlock
  • Ten-Finger Grip
  • Baseball Grip
  • Forward Press
  • Chokedown
  • Stance
  • Ball Position
  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Visualization
  • Alignment


Address is the setup position a golfer takes prior to hitting a golf ball.


The grip is the part of the club that a golfer holds onto when hitting a shot. The grip is also defined as a golfer's hand position on the club. There are multiple types of grips a golfer can use to hold onto the club.

Weak Grip

A weak grip is where the left hand is more to the side of the shaft and the V points almost directly up toward the golfer's nose.

Strong Grip

A strong grip is where the left hand is more on top of the club so the V points toward a right-handed player's right shoulder. This is the opposite for left-handed players.


The overlap grip is a type of grip where a right-handed player rests the right pinky finger on the left index finger when gripping the club.


The interlocked grip is a type of grip where a right-handed player wraps the right pinky finger around the left index finger when gripping the club.

Ten Finger Grip

A ten finger grip occurs when a player holds the golf club like a baseball grip, with no fingers overlapping or interlocking with one another.

Baseball Grip

The baseball grip, also known as the 10-finger grip is a type of grip where a golfer does not interlock or overlap his fingers.

Forward Press

The forward press is a subtle motion where a golfer presses his/hands forward with the club in hand, right before hitting the golf ball. The forward press helps some golfers establish good rhythm.


A choke down is when a golfer grips the golf club lower down on the grip, which produces a shorter shot due to decreasing the length and force of the golf club.


The stance is the positioning a golfer takes with his feet when addressing the golf ball.

Ball Position

Ball position describes the relationship of where the ball lies relative to a golfer's stance.

Pre-Shot Routine

A pre-shot routine is the process a golfer goes through right before hitting the ball. This may consist of taking a deep breath and taking a practice swing before hitting the shot.


Visualization is a technique a golfer uses to imagine the golf shot he wants to hit before hitting the actual shot. The golfer sees the shot playing out in his head, which syncs the body and brain to tap into muscle memory and produce the desired shot.


Alignment is the way a golfer positions his body in order to aim at the desired target, one of the most important aspects to consider upon addressing the golf ball.