Golf Scramble vs Best Ball Formats

What Is A Golf Scramble Vs Best Ball

In golf, a scramble is when a team picks the best shot and then all play from there. Best ball is when each team member plays their own ball for the entire hole and the best score is used.

Golf is usually an individual sport, but if you are playing with a group and want to turn it into a team game, playing either best ball or scramble formats are the best way to do so. These formats turn golf into a team game that can make your day out on the course more fun and possibly more competitive.


In golf, a scramble is a format played by teams that is designed to make the game more fun and a bit easier. This can be played by teams of two or more depending on how many golfers are in the group. A scramble format is started with each player hitting their own tee shots, then for the next shot the team all plays from whichever ball they decide is the best. For example, if a team of two is playing a scramble they will both hit their tee shots then both play from the same spot for their next shot, and continue that format until the hole is over. The team will have one combined score for the hole.

The only time scramble partners hit their own separate shots is tee shots. This format is used when players are trying to have a casual round that is more fun than serious, and is also a good way for beginners to learn the game and just play for fun.

Best Ball

A best ball format is another way to turn golf into a team game. Best ball is similar to a scramble, but the difference is the golfers play their own balls for the entire hole. Teams can have two or more golfers and this format is typically played by more experienced golfers. Each player will play their ball for the entire hole, and then the score that is used by the team will be whichever golfer shot the lowest score. There is no minimum or maximum amount of times a team members score can be used in the round. This format is used when a group wants to play a team format, but also wants to keep track of their own scores for the round. This is a good way to combine the individual game of golf with a team format to create a fun and competitive environment on the course.