Do The Winners Of The Masters Get To Keep The Green Jacket They Win?

The Green Jacket

Golfers only have a year with the green jacket that they win from the Masters. After they first receive their jacket, golfers have the opportunity to keep it and wear it for a year. Once the next year’s tournament comes around, the golfer must bring the jacket back, and it cannot leave the grounds of Augusta again. There are other prizes that come with winning the tournament. Along with receiving the prized jacket, the current total purse of the tournament is $18 million, with the winner earning $3.24 million.

The Masters Green Jacket

The Masters is the most popular and anticipated tournament of the whole golf season. It has one of the most desired prizes in all of sports attached to it, the green jacket. The winner of the Masters tournament receives a green jacket in a ceremony after the final round.

However, not many sports fans truly know what goes on after the golfer puts on the green jacket. Members of the Augusta National Golf Club began wearing green jackets in 1937 as an indicator that they were part of the club. The first green jacket prize was awarded to Sam Snead in 1949 when he won his first Masters.

Presentation of the Green Jacket

The tradition is that each year the previous winner will present and help the new winner into their green jacket unless they are a repeat winner, in which case the chairman will assist the golfer in putting on the jacket. After the tournament is over and the golfer receives their jacket, they may take it home with them, but only for a limited time. The golfer may keep and wear their green jacket for up to a year.

When the next Masters comes around, the golfer must bring the jacket back to Augusta National, where it is to be kept for the rest of time. Golfers are not permitted to leave Augusta National with their jacket the year after winning, and if they do, the jacket will be tracked down and returned to the golf course.

Other Masters Prizes

Along with the jacket, winners also receive a trophy. This trophy is a replica of the actual Masters trophy and will have the names of all past winners and runners up throughout the tournament’s history. Winners will also be awarded a gold medallion to keep forever. The winner will receive prize money as well, which differs depending on how much is offered each year. Most recently, the prize has risen to about $3.24 million.


Do Masters winners keep the green jacket?

Masters winners do not keep the green jacket, as they must return it after a year. During that year, they are free to wear the jacket wherever they like. Following the next year’s Masters, they must return the jacket to the club. The winner is made an honorary member, and they may wear it during subsequent Masters, as all Augusta National members are required to wear a green jacket at the tournament.

What does the winner of the Masters get?

The winner of the Masters gets a green jacket, a gold medallion, and a cash prize of around $3.24 million. Unlike the cash and the medallion, the jacket must be returned after a year.

Has anyone kept their green jacket after winning the Masters?

Yes, there has been at least one instance of a golfer keeping their green jacket. Gary Player, who won the 1961 Masters, took his green jacket home to South Africa in the year after winning, but failed to return it when the year elapsed, leading club Chairman Clifford Roberts to call him and remind him of the rules. Player, who claimed not to have known about the rule, eventually agreed to a compromise with Roberts that permitted him to “store” his jacket in South Africa, provided he did not wear it in public ever again.