Golf Course Yardage Indicators

golf course yardage indicators

The following objects help a golfer know the distance from their golf ball to the hole. They can be helpful when deciding what club to hit.

Yardage Markers:

  • 100-Yard Marker
  • 150-Yard Marker
  • 200-Yard Marker
  • 250-Yard Marker

Other Markers:

  • Driving Range Markers
  • Tee Box Yardage Sign
  • Sprinkler Head Marker

Golf Course Yardage Markers

A yardage marker is an object found on the golf course that shows the distance to the center of the green, and depending on the course, to the front and back edges of the green to assist a golfer in determining which golf club he should hit. Yardage markers can be found in the fairway and the rough throughout a golf hole.

100-Yard Marker (Red)

The 100-yard marker indicates 100 yards away from the center of the green. It is normally red.

150-Yard Marker (White)

The 150-yard marker indicates 150 yards away from the center of the green, and is normally white. It can also be in the form of a white checkered pole that sticks out of the ground.

200-Yard Marker (Blue)

The 200-yard marker indicates 200 yards away from the center of the green. It is normally blue.

250-Yard Marker (Yellow)

The 250-yard marker indicates 250 yards away from the center of the green. It is normally yellow. While almost all courses feature 100, 150, and 200-yard markers, many do not have 250-yard markers.

Driving Range Yardage Markers

Unlike yardage markers found on a course, driving range yardage markers measure distance from the tee. Yardage markers seen at a driving range also look a bit different than those found on a course. There are many different types of yardage markers used for driving ranges, such as detailed signs that feature the number of yards on them or simply colored flags. Colors for driving range yard markers are not universal, and instead are decided by the management of the range.

Tee Box Yardage Sign

Tee box yardage signs are found at the start of every hole near the tee box itself. The tee box yardage sign shows the hole number, par number, and the distance from the different tee boxes to the center of the putting green.

Sprinkler Head Marker

Sprinkler heads help water the grass on the golf course, but they sometimes show the distance to the front, center, and back of the putting green. Sprinkler heads and yardage markers can be found in the fairway and the rough throughout a golf hole. They are typically circular metal caps that are sunk an inch or two into the ground on the fairway.


What is the red marker on a golf course?

On a typical golf course, the red marker in the fairway means that you are 100 yards away from the center of the green. The 100-yard marker will either be a small red pole or a domed cap inserted in the ground.

What colors are the distance markers on a golf course?

Golf courses have distance markers that measure the yardage to each hole, and each distance marker has a corresponding color. On most courses, the 100-yard marker is red, the 150-yard marker is white, and the 200-yard marker is blue. Some courses will have a 250-yard marker that is yellow, but this is less common.

What are the driving range distance marker colors?

Driving ranges use a multitude of colors to distinguish distances from the tee. Some popular colors for driving range yardage markers are red, white, blue, yellow, green, white, and orange.

These yardage markers measure the distance from the tee, and their colors are not universally agreed-upon. Thus, the distances associated with each color will vary depending on the driving range you go to.