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Golf Clubs List

Table of Contents

List of golf clubs

  1. Drivers
  2. Woods
  3. Hybrids
  4. Irons
  5. wedges

Golf Club Wood Types

Let's learn about the different situations for when to use a fairway wood. We'll learn about the different types of fairway woods a golfer might have in the bag.

  1. 3-Wood
  2. 4-Wood
  3. 5-Wood

Golf Club Hybrid Types

A hybrid, also known as a rescue club, is very useful.

  1. 3-Hybrid
  2. 4-Hybrid

Golf Club Long Iron Types

Let's discuss when a golfer usually hits a long iron.

  1. 2-Iron
  2. 3-Iron
  3. 4-iron

Golf Club Mid Iron Types

Let's discuss when a golfer usually hits a mid iron.

  1. 5-Iron
  2. 6-Iron
  3. 7-Iron

Golf Club Short Iron Types

Golfers usually rely on a short iron when hitting a golf ball at the green and for chip shots around the green.

  • 8-Iron
  • 9-Iron

It's time to learn about wedges and the importance of solid wedge play. There are five types of wedges a golfer can choose from.

  1. Wedge
  2. Pitching Wedge
  3. Approach Wedge
  4. Sand Wedge
  5. Lob Wedge

Let's talk about the flat stick and where to use it on and around the greens. We'll learn about one of the most important clubs in the bag, the putter.

Let's define the different features of a golf club and how they impact a golf shot.

  • Club Head
  • Shaft
  • Loft
  • Degrees
  • Clubface
  • Grooves
  • Hosel
  • Toe
  • Bounce

Glossary Terms

Here are all the terms we will be covering related to golf clubs:


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