Golf Basic Rules For Kids

Golf Basic Rules For Kids

Golf Rules

Golf is an individual sport played on a large grassy field with 18 separate holes, all of which vary in length.

The goal of golf is to get the ball in each of these 18 holes in as few swings as possible.

To perform an individual swing, players must use a golf club.

Golf clubs come in many different shapes and sizes, giving players the chance to hit all kinds of shots (high, low, long, short).

Golfers can use 14 different clubs to produce these types of shots.

The longest club that all golfer’s use is called a driver, and it helps players hit the ball long distances while beginning a hole, so that the ball lands close to the green.

The green is a smoothly cut surface where the hole is.

Once the ball is on the green, golfers use a putter to roll the ball on the ground into the hole.

Upon completing all 18 holes, each golfer counts up the total number of swings he or she took.

The player with the least amount of swings is the winner.