Golf Average Player Height

Golf Average Player Height

Professional golfers vary in height and skill level, with height not necessarily correlating to great performance on the course.

What's The Average Height Of Professional Golfers

Although there is no one statistic that lists an average height for professional golfers, it is important to note that the two greatest golfers in the modern era, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, both hovered around the 6ft range and were strong swingers of the golf club. There are golfers like the top-ranked golfer worldwide in Dustin Johnson, who stands in at 6'4, and 5'10 Rory McIlroy, both of whom are among the elite golfers in our game today.

How Height Affects The Golf Swing

Taller professional golfers are generally known to hit the golf ball farther than the rest of the competition. This is due in large part to their longer arms generating greater leverage in taking the club farther away from the ball in the backswing, and returning the club at impact with more force. It should be noted that height is not the only indicator of distance.