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Soccer Red Cards

What is red card in soccer?

A physical card that is red given to a player by an official for committing a major violation or secondary caution during a game. It results in the expulsion of the player from the match. A less severe card is a yellow card.

Red Cards

If an official displays a red card, it is because a bigger offense was committed. A red card is a physical red card carried by the head official, and shown to a player to signify that they have been removed from the match, and their team must play with one less player in the match.

A red card will be shown after a player has accumulated two yellow cards in a game, or if a player's behavior was so aggressive and/or unsportsmanlike, the head official felt that the player should be removed from the game.

Modern examples that have resulted in straight red cards include head-butting players, ripping an official's notebook, a field player using their hands to save a goal or an aggressive tackle in a clear goal scoring opportunity (meaning that a defender's malicious tackle is the only thing stopping the attacking player from scoring on an open goal).

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