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Soccer Added Time

What is added time in soccer?

Also known as stoppage time, it is playing time beyond the designated period duration, at the discretion of the referee. This is based upon time stopped during regulation for injuries, out of bounds, and substitutions. Typically the amount of time is between two and four minutes.

Added Time In Soccer

One of the unique aspects about soccer is that time can be added back on to the game clock. This is known as added time or stoppage time. Added time is applied at the end of each half and is based on time that was wasted on the field, like due to things like player injuries or other major delays that take place on the field.

The match officials keeps track of all the time related to injuries and call it injury time. The officials are the only ones who dictate how much time, if any, is tacked on to the end of a half.

Soccer Stoppage Time

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