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What Is Invisible Runner Rule In Kickball?

Invisible Runners

The invisible runner rule in kickball is a rule that allows an imaginary player called a ghost man to advance between bases if there are not enough players on each team. For example, a kickball game can technically be played with two players as long as they use invisible runners. The ghost man, or invisible runner will advance at the same pace as the kicker who is at-bat. Most leagues and regulation games do not allow ghost players and this rule.

Invisible runner also known as ghost players are used in kickball games when there aren't enough players on each team. Invisible runners take the place of regular base runners. The invisible base runner is assumed to run at the same speed as the kicker who is at-bat. Multiple invisible runners can be used to occupy first base, second base, and third base. On a force out, invisible runners must advance to to the next base. If a normal base runner gets out it is assumed the invisible runner also gets out.


For example, there is an invisible runner on 1st base and a kicker is at-bat in the kicker's box. The kicker successfully makes contact with the pitch. He runs towards 1st base. If he reaches 1st base then it is assumed that the ghost runner reaches 2nd base safely. If a fielder touches the 2nd base before the kicker gets to 1st base, then the ghost runner is out.

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