What is the Red Zone in Football?

The red zone in Football is the area of the field from each 20 yard line to the nearest goal line. Each teams red zone is from the 20 yard line to the goal line on their opponents side of the field. When an offense enters the red zone, they have a high probability of scoring the football as they are only 20 yards from a touchdown and the longest possible field goal in the red zone is 37 yards. A teams efficiency in the red zone is measured by a teams red zone percentage which is calculated by the equation {times scored in red zone / times entered the red zone).

For the defense, it is very difficult to stop the opposing offense once they enter the red zone. There is very little space to work in and can severely limit a defense on playcalling. The advantage is that this also goes for the offense as the closer they get to the goal line, the less space on the field they have to work with.

football red zone

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