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Football Dead Ball

What is a Dead Ball in Football?

In Football, a dead ball is the state of which the ball is no longer in live play and the down is over. A dead ball can occur in many different ways, such as an incomplete pass, a player in possession of the ball running out of bounds, a player in possession of the ball being tackled, a timeout being called, and much more.

When a dead ball occurs, play is stopped and anything occurring after the stoppage whistle does not count. For example, if a team is kicking a field goal and the opposing team calls a timeout and the referee whistles to stop play, but the ball is snapped and kicked at the same time, the play does not count and the down will be replayed after the game resumes.

Ways a Dead Ball In Football may occur

There are numerous ways for a dead ball to occur. Here are the most common ways: the ball carrier being tackled or going out of bounds, a pass to be incomplete, a timeout, a field goal or extra point kick hitting the goal post, a scoring play such as a touchdown or field goal occurs, and a penalty occurring before or during a play.

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