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What are Defensive Coverages in Football?

In Football, coverage is used to describe the defensive alignment a defense is using to defend against the offense, specifically against passing. There are two main forms of defensive coverage: man-to-man coverage and zone coverage.

In man-to-man coverage, every player on the defensive has a man to defend on the offense. For example, the cornerbacks are assigned to defend the wide receivers, the linebackers are assigned to defend the tight ends and running back, and the safety defends whoever is left. Defensive linemen maintain their objective of rushing the quarterback and preventing runs. When a blitz is called, defensive backs mainly play man-to-man on opposing players.

In zone coverage, each player on the defense has a specific area of the field to defend any offensive player who goes through that area. Linebackers usually cover the center of the field while cornerbacks and safeties cover the deeper parts of the field.

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