What is Choosing Wind in Football?

Choosing wind in football is one of three coin toss options a team has to choose from during the coin toss. Choosing wind is the option in which a team decides which end of the field they would like to defend first. Regardless of which side they choose, the teams switch defending endzones at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters. The other two options during the coin toss are whether to receive the ball first or kick the ball to the opposing team first.

football choosing wind

Wind and weather has a major effect on football games, especially when most stadiums are outdoor. The wind direction has a major impact on passing, and more importantly, kicking and punting. A team can strategically choose which direction of the field they'd like to defend during the game or in overtime if there is projected to be heavy winds so in case of a game-winning field goal, the kicker will have help from the wind. The wind and weather can also have a major effect on punts, making them fly longer or bounce more.

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