What is the Center Position in Football?

The center in football is an offensive lineman who snaps or hikes the ball to the quarterback to start a every down. The Center lines up in the middle of the offensive line, on either side of the offensive guards and in front of the Quarterback. The Center is arguably the one of the most important positions on the field, alongside the Quarterback.

football center

The Role of the Center

Not only does the Center block like the rest of the offensive line, the Center has two primary tasks: snap the ball to the Quarterback and call out possible defensive alignments. Before they snap the ball, the Center, alongside the Quarterback, examines the defense and calls out anything that appears to be a threat to the offense, such as possible blitzers or bluffing defenders. The Center must also be very accurate with the snap, as when the ball moves, so do the defenders and the rest of the offense, so the snap must be quick and clean.

The Quarterback can line up directly behind the Center and simply take the ball from the Center, or a few yards behind him wherein the Center must throw the ball backwards to the Quarterback, quickly and accurately.

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