What is a Catch in Football?

In Football, a catch is when a player receives a pass and catches the ball, controlling it to the point of possession in which they've maintained control of the ball for a set amount of time or made a 'football move' by moving with the ball.

The rules in Football have recently changed regarding what constitutes a catch. The consensus is that a player receiving the ball must have control of the ball all the way through the catching motion, including falling to the ground and being tackled. If the ball comes free after a catch is made, it is ruled a fumble. If the player catches the ball but steps out of bounds before landing in-bounds, the catch is ruled incomplete.

Who can Catch the Ball?

Only eligible receivers on offense may catch the football. This includes running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and even the quarterback. Every player on the defense is considered an eligible receiver and may intercept the ball after it is thrown.

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