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What Is Slider In Baseball?

A slider in baseball is a type of pitch that has lateral (left/right) movement while also breaking downward. Typically has higher velocity but less movement than a curveball.


Sliders are similar to curveballs -- they tend to break downward, however, they typically have more lateral (left/right) movement and have higher velocities than curveballs. They also tend to have less movement than curveballs; that is, their break from a straight path is not as dramatic. Breaking balls like curveballs, forkballs, and splitters deceive the batter by pretending to be strikes that the batter might swing at, then change directions so the batter misses the ball. Backdoor breaking balls (often called backdoor sliders, although the term can apply to either curveballs or sliders) operate in the opposite way. Their path is initially lateral, traveling away from the strike zone. The batter thinks it is a ball, and does not swing. Then, at the last second, the pitch curves in and travels through the corner of the strike zone, becoming a strike.

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