Water Balloons Basic Rules For Kids

water balloons

Water Balloons Rules For Kids

Water balloons are small, multi-colored balloons typically used to play different games in the summer, such as water balloon toss or water balloon fight.

For any game using water balloons, the elements required include a pack of water balloons and a hose to fill them up. 

Water Balloon Toss

In a water balloon toss, two partners stand across from each other and pass the water balloon to each other from a set distance. 

If you drop the balloon of the balloon bursts, the pair is disqualified. 

As the game continues, the distance between the players increases and the toss becomes more challenging. 

The last pair remaining wins the game.

Water Balloon Fight

During a water balloon fight, the rules are similar to dodgeball.

Each player has a set amount of balloons to begin the game. 

The players throw the balloons at each other in an attempt to get the others out of the game. 

The last player standing wins.