The Floor Is Lava Basic Rules For Kids

the floor is lava

The Floor Is Lava Rules For Kids

The Floor Is Lava can be played with at least two people.

In order to play, choose a playing area that is indoors or outdoors but has a lot of places where people can climb off the ground, such as on furniture.

To begin, someone shouts, “The Floor is Lava!”

Once this is shouted, everyone has five seconds to get their feet off of the ground before they are “burned” by the “lava.”

If everyone makes it off the ground in five seconds, they are safe.

If someone’s feet are still on the floor after five seconds, they are out.

In some forms of The Floor Is Lava, there is a safe zone everyone must try to get to.

Once everyone is off the ground, they must reach the safe zone without touching their feet to the floor, such as by climbing over furniture.

If they slip and their feet touch the floor, they are out.

Players can use other objects, such as pillows, to make bridges across the floor.

In other forms of the game, players can use mats or pieces of paper marked with numbers to make a path.

In this form of the game, players must follow the numbers while also keeping their feet off the floor.

For older kids, it can be fun to play The Floor Is Lava at a playground or jungle gym!