Tag Basic Rules For Kids


Tag Rules

To play tag, gather two or more players. More players equals more fun!

To begin, decide which player is going to be “It.”

You can use any method you want to decide who is “It” (coin toss, counting, “eeny, meeny, miny, moe,” etc.).

Once the decision of who is “It” is made, decide what kind of tag you want to play. 

In some forms of tag, there are “safe” places, but in others, there are none.

To play, the person who is “It” chases those who are not “It,” trying to touch, or “tag,” them with their hand.

If “It” tags a player who is able to be tagged, they must shout out, “Tag, you’re It!”

The person who gets tagged then becomes “It,” and must try to tag someone else.

The game can go on as long as the players want, or can end once everyone has become “It.”

In some games of tag, players who are tagged leave the game, and the object is to be the last person tagged by the player who is “It.”

In other forms of tag, everyone is “It,” and the object is to tag as many people as possible in a certain amount of time.

You can invent any form of tag you want! Above all else, have fun!