Red Rover Basic Rules For Kids

red rover

Red Rover Rules

There must be at least six players to play, and they must be split into two teams.

One team will be on one side of the field and the other on the opposite side.

Teams must be 30 feet apart and must line up side by side, linking by either hands or elbows.

The team starting first can be determined from either flipping a coin or rock paper scissors, whatever the teams agree on.

The team who starts will select a player from the opposing team and yell, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send [opposing player] right over!”

The opposing player selected must then run over to the team to try to break their linked bodies.

If the line of players or link is broken by the selected player, the player can take two opposing players and bring them back to their side.

If the link of the team is not broken, the opposing player must join the opposing team.

The game ends when every player is on one side.