Memory (Card Game) Basic Rules For Kids

memory card game

Memory/Concentration (Card Game) Rules

Goal of the Game

The goal is to match the most pairs and remember where the cards are placed as the game is played.

Game set up

Place the cards face down in a square shape. (Ex. four cards across and four cards down

It is important for the cards to be placed randomly.)


When playing memory, there is no max number of players.

The youngest goes first.

To play, a player turns over one card. Then the player turns over another card to try to match the image on the first card.

If the images match, then the player removes the matched set of cards and places them in their own separate pile.

If the cards do not match the player must turn the cards back over, face down.

It is important for all the players to be watching and to try to remember where the cards are.

The game ends when all the cards have been matched.

The player with the most pairs wins the game.