Jenga Basic Rules For Kids


Jenga Rules

The tower is made up of rows with three blocks facing one way and three blocks facing the other way, all stacked up to make a tower.

Players can pull any block from the tower besides ones from the top completed row or above.

Once you pull a block, you need to place it on the highest level of the tower to complete your turn.

You can only pull a block or touch the tower with one hand at a time.

Players can tap a block to find loose ones to pull.

Each player will pick a block and place it on top to complete their turn, and then the next person will go.

The turn for the player ends once the next player touches the tower or 10 seconds after placing their block on top of the tower.

Whoever knocks over the tower trying to pull out their block and put it on top of the tower loses, and everyone else wins!