Broomball Basic Rules For Kids


Broomball Rules

The game is usually played on an ice rink.

Players must wear helmets and clean-soled running shoes, with the goalie wearing an additional full face mask.

There are a minimum of six players on each team, with one of the players being the goalie.

The objective is to put the ball into the opponent’s net.

The following actions are not allowed: body contact, hitting players with their sticks, throwing sticks, carrying the ball, or sliding.

Players use sticks to move the ball, pass it to teammates, and shoot towards the goal.

Players’ sticks must remain below shoulder height for safety.

Players will face off to start the game and must make contact with the ball with their sticks.

A player can kick the ball with their feet or knock down the ball from the air with their hand.

The team with the most goals wins.