What Shoes Are Best For Playing Futsal?

What Shoes Are Best For Playing Futsal

Futsal is an extremely popular sport worldwide, which is similar to soccer but played indoors. Equipment in futsal is specially designed for indoor use. Thus, even players with soccer gear must purchase different equipment for futsal. One of the most important pieces of equipment in futsal are shoes. Read on to learn more about futsal shoes, including what types of shoes are the best for playing futsal.

Futsal Shoes Vs. Soccer Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of the game of futsal. They are what allow players to kick the futsal ball without risking injury. It is recommended that players wear flat sneakers or boots that are best for indoor courts. Flat futsal boots provide good traction for players and stop players from slipping and sliding across the pitch during matches.  

While the sport of futsal is similar to soccer, the gear is not. Futsal players do not wear cleats because the pitch is very different from soccer. If futsal players were to wear cleats, not only would they injure themselves and those around them, but they would not have good traction on the flat, hard indoor surface.

There are two major things a player should look for when finding a futsal shoe. These two things are good traction on the bottom of the shoe and a good quality upper part of the shoe. If a shoe has both of those things, players will find it easier to play the game of futsal more comfortably and with better results.


Brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma all make good, quality futsal shoes. Futsal shoes have a rubber sole that helps players remain on their feet during games. Rubber soles that do not have spikes are essential. Futsal shoes are also often made of leather or another flexible material to allow players to freely run, kick and pass the ball comfortably. Sometimes, futsal shoes can resemble everyday low top sneakers.

Adidas is the most reputable brand for futsal shoes. Their Samba Classic shoes are one of their most popular and for good reason. At a reasonable price, the Sambas are made up of a comfortable leather that many players find extremely comfortable. Aside from Adidas, brands like Nike also have futsal shoes such as the Nike Premier II’s which are very similar to the Adidas Sambas.

Umbro is a brand that specializes in soccer and futsal gear and shoes. They have a whole collection of futsal shoes that are great for anyone at any age or play level. They not only have a wide variety of futsal shoe types but they also have a range of different price points that they offer.

Alternative Options

If players are on a budget, indoor running shoes are also a good option. Shoes with good traction that are comfortable and lightweight make for great futsal shoes. Players looking to buy sneakers for futsal look for shoes that are made up of a good quality material that protect the upper half of the foot.

In addition, quality is another really important factor when choosing a shoe to play futsal in. Players constantly run up and down the pitch as well as pass and shoot the ball. As a result, it is normal for futsal shoes to wear out quickly. Therefore, players should look for shoes that are of good quality that will last them for a long time.


What brands are best for futsal shoes?

Popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armor, and Puma all make quality futsal shoes at affordable prices and for all age ranges. In addition, there are also brands that are known for their futsal shoes. These brands include Umbro and Diadora. Two European brands that are popular in the futsal world. They make some of the best quality shoes that are great for both on and off the pitch.

Why are soccer cleats not good for futsal?

The main reason that soccer cleats are not good for futsal is because the pitch for the two sports are very different. While soccer is played on grass or turf, futsal is played on an indoor, hard surface. As a result, flat shoes with great traction are a must for the sport of futsal. Boots with spikes for grass are dangerous when played with in futsal. They can harm other players and can cause serious injury because they will provide no traction when running up and down the indoor pitch. 

Where can I buy futsal shoes?

Many of the world’s most popular futsal and sports brands provide online shopping options to buy futsal shoes. Some of these brands include Adidas, Nike, Under Armor, and Puma. Their official websites are a great place to start when shopping for new shoes. In addition, specialty futsal and soccer stores also sell futsal shoes at a variety of different price points. These can be websites like Soccer.com and ProDirectSoccer.com.

What is the average price of a pair of futsal shoes?

Just like any sports shoe, futsal shoes come at a wide variety of different price points and qualities. On the cheaper end, shoes can start at just $20. For more high quality shoes for serious players, futsal shoes can go up to as high as $200, depending on the brand and type of shoe. For players just starting out, it is recommended that they look into shoes that are in a low to medium price range.