What Equipment Is Used In Futsal?

What Equipment Is Used In Futsal

Futsal is a sport similar to soccer (or football) that is quickly growing in popularity. Like any other sport, there is equipment that is used to play futsal. This equipment can be divided into attire and training equipment; keep reading to learn all about futsal equipment.


The futsal ball is maybe the most important piece of equipment. Depending on the age level of the futsal player, the balls come in several sizes. For players younger than 8, a size 2 ball is appropriate. A size 3 ball is recommended for players between the ages of 8 and 12. The official futsal ball size is a 4 and is best suited for players over the age of 12.

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The other most important piece of equipment is the goal. Like futsal balls, there are also a variety of different futsal goals and sizes. A regulation futsal goal has dimensions of 3m x 2m that has a runback ranging from 1-2m. In addition to size, goals can either be permanent or portable with the ability to be set up and broken down.


When playing futsal, it is important to wear the proper footwear. There are a variety of futsal shoes, or boots, available for players. When choosing shoes to play in, various factors should be considered such as the shoe design, performance, comfort, and durability. Adidas is a well known brand that produces some of the top recommended futsal shoe models including the Freefootball TopSala, Mundial Goal, Samba Classic, and Freefootball Speedtrick. Nike also makes reliable futsal shoes including their LunarGato II, HyperVenom Phelon IC, Elastico Superfly IC, and Elastico Finale III.


In addition to shoes, futsal players also wear socks when playing. Generally, players wear high rise socks that can be pulled up right below their knees. Therefore, the socks can help defend against scratches and cuts to the legs. Many players choose to wear bright and vibrant socks to complement their style or team jersey.

Shin Guards

Futsal Shin Guards

Shin guards are another essential piece of equipment for futsal players. These help to protect the shins of players from being kicked by other players. Although it is important to have sturdy shin guards for safety, the best shin guards are also lightweight and durable.


Futsal Shorts

Another clothing essential for futsal players is shorts. Although not nearly as important as shin guards or shoes, the shorts should have an athletic fit and be comfortable and durable. Shorts come with a range of colors and styles for players to choose from.


Futsal Jerseys

A jersey is important to help identify the players on both teams. Like shorts, there are a variety of colors and styles that can be worn. While some teams prefer a traditional looking jersey, others prefer jerseys with a modern appearance.


Futsal Cones

While the ball and goal are the most critical futsal equipment there are several other pieces of equipment that can be used including cones, nets, rebounders, flags and bags. The net and flags are both essential pieces of equipment for a futsal game. Cones and rebounders are helpful to players for training and improving their skills.


What are some helpful pieces of equipment to have for a futsal game?

One helpful piece of equipment to have for a futsal game is a set of water bottles. Since the game is long and requires lots of running, it is smart to keep several water bottles filled to keep players hydrated. It is also helpful for teams to have a first aid kit. Regardless of the skill level, injuries are likely to occur in a game and a first aid kit stocked with things such as ice packs and band aids is useful.

What are the best futsal ball brands?

When purchasing a futsal ball, there are several aspects to consider including shape, weight, durability, price, and quality. Some of the best brands to buy futsal balls from are Select, Baden, Adidas, Senda, Nike, and Mitre. In terms of specific futsal balls, a few of the top models include the Select Futsal Super Ball, the Adidas FIFA World Cup Knockout Society Futsal Ball, and the Mitre Pro Futsal Soccer Ball.

What are the best futsal goals to buy?

One of the best futsal goals to buy is the PowerNet Futsal Goal. This goal is regulation size and can be set up and transported easily. In addition, the goal includes metal stakes to hold it in the ground for outdoor games. Another top goal to buy is the GoSports Elite Futsal Soccer Goal. This is one of the best goals because it is lightweight and provides a quick set up and break down for users.

Do futsal goaltenders need special equipment?

While all players need similar equipment, there are a few special items that futsal goaltenders use. Like soccer, a futsal goaltender must wear a jersey that differs in color from their teammates. In addition, goalkeepers wear several other pieces of protective gear including goalkeeper gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and shin guards. Some goalkeepers also choose to wear long sleeve shirts and pants to help cover their arms and legs when diving for the ball.