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List of Futsal Rules

List of Futsal Rules

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Futsal Rules

  1. A futsal match has two halves that each last for 20 minutes.
  2. The halftime period lasts for 15 minutes.
  3. There are two referees on each sideline to officiate a futsal match.
  4. Each time the ball is sent out of bounds or play stops, the clock pauses.
  5. When the ball goes out of bounds, a player kicks the ball back in to resume the game.
  6. The clock starts again once gameplay continues.
  7. Each team is given a one minute timeout each half.
  8. A team can only call a timeout when they possess the ball.
  9. If a timeout is not used by a team in the first half, it will not be available for use in the second half.
  10. Teams cannot call a timeout in an extra time period.
  11. Each team has four players plus a goalkeeper on the pitch to start a match.
  12. Coaches can make substitutions as needed without stopping the clock in the game.
  13. If one team commits a foul, the other team can be awarded a direct or indirect free kick.
  14. During a penalty kick, all players must stand behind the penalty kicker and ball.
  15. If a foul happens in the penalty area, the player will receive a penalty.
  16. A foul is signaled by the referee with either a red or yellow card.
  17. A red card signals subjects a player to a two minute penalty. A substitute may not replace the player until the two minutes are up. However, if the opposing team scores a goal during the two minute penalty period, a substitution may be made before the penalty time is up.
  18. There are no offsides penalties in futsal.
  19. A goalkeeper is only allowed to pick up the ball with their hands inside their respective penalty area.
  20. The goalkeeper may throw the ball to the other end of the field from the penalty area.
  21. When controlling the ball, the goalkeeper only has four seconds to pass the ball to a teammate.
  22. The goalkeeper can control the ball once again if the ball is touched by an opposing player.
  23. The count will stop if the goalkeeper crosses into the other half of the pitch with the ball. The count will restart if they bring the ball back into their own half of the pitch.
  24. Team fouls that call for a direct free kick or penalty kick are tallied. These infringements are referred to as accumulated fouls.
  25. If a team commits six accumulated fouls, the other team is given a direct free kick. The kick takes place at the second penalty mark on the pitch. The penalized team is not allowed to form a wall to block the kick.
  26. If the sixth accumulated foul occurs in the area between the goal line and the second penalty mark, the free kick takes place in the spot where the foul took place.
  27. In an extra time period, the accumulated fouls from the second period carry over and continue to be tallied up.

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