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List of Futsal Facts

List of Futsal Facts

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Futsal Facts

  1. Futsal originated in Uruguay in 1930.
  2. Futsal was created by coach Juan Carlos Ceriani, after struggling with outdoor sports being canceled due to poor weather.
  3. Futsal's first international game was played in 1965.
  4. Paraguay won the first international game of Futsal in 1965 in the South American Cup.
  5. Many of the world's greatest soccer players grew up playing futsal.
  6. The first Futsal World Championship was played in 1989, with 47 different countries participating.
  7. There have been 8 Futsal World Cups since 1989.
  8. Futsal is played in over 100 countries with an estimated number of over 10 million players worldwide.
  9. Futsal is the only indoor sport held by FIFA and IFA.
  10. Futsal is an indoor scaled version of outdoor soccer.
  11. Futsal has no walls indoors, making the game as similar to outdoor soccer as possible.
  12. Futsal is played with 5 players at a time, one being the goalie.
  13. The goalkeeper is the most important position in Futsal and often leads the game through calls and suggestions from his perspective in the goal.
  14. Futsal players touch the ball 210% more than indoor soccer players.
  15. Futsal was originally known as "futbol sala" in Spanish, and "futebol de salão" in Portugese, both which mean indoor football.
  16. Futsal was recognized as a sport by FIFA in 1989, the same year the first World Championship was played.
  17. Futsal was the name given by FIFA when recognizing the sport.
  18. Futsal is played in a smaller field than outdoor soccer and their ball is also smaller and heavier.
  19. Futsal is especially popular in Brazil and many other South American countries.
  20. In South America, youth players start off playing futsal and don't play soccer until the age of 13.
  21. The IFA is the International Futsal Alliance.
  22. Futsal is a fast-speed game played in 20 minute halves.
  23. The overall time of a Futsal game is about half of a soccer game.
  24. In 2016, a National Professional Futsal League was established in the United States.
  25. Futsal is played year-long, no matter the season.
  26. At the Argentina 2018 Youth Olympic games, Futsal was a sport for the first time in history.
  27. The first FIFA women's futsal tournament also took place in 2018.
  28. Futsal is considered safer than indoor soccer by eliminating any wall injuries that can occur.
  29. Futsal is more affordable than soccer.
  30. Futsal is most popular in Spain, Brazil, France, and Portugal.
  31. The ball in futsal is heavier and smaller than a normal soccer ball to prevent high bouncing.
  32. The world's best futsal player is Alessandro Rosa Vieiria, also known as Falcao.
  33. Many great futsal players eventually switch over to playing soccer professionally.
  34. Christiano Ronaldo grew up playing Futsal before switching to professional soccer.
  35. Lionel Messi also grew up playing Futsal before switching to professional soccer.
  36. Professional soccer players credit Futsal to their success because of how the sport develops an emphasis on touch, control, and speed.
  37. Futsal has set positions on the field, but also allows players to play universally amongst their positions.
  38. Many oil rigs in Brazil have futsal courts on their decks, allowing for workers to play in downtime.

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