How Does Scoring Work In Futsal?

how does scoring work in futsal

Scoring in futsal is relatively straightforward. A goal is scored when the entirety of the ball passes across the goal line while being between the goalposts and beneath the crossbar. Keep reading to learn how scoring works in futsal.

Scoring Goals

Goals can only be scored in a team’s attacking half, and the goal only counts if it is scored without violating any other rules of the game. When a goal is scored, one point is awarded to the scoring team.

After the point is scored, the game clock is stopped, and the ball is placed at the center of the field or court for a kickoff. Once the kickoff occurs, the play clock resumes.

The team who has the most goals or points after the duration of the game wins. The point scoring system may be rather simple, but there are several ways in which a player can score in futsal.

Shots on Goal

The first and most common way a goal is scored is with a shot on goal. This occurs when a player kicks the ball and it passes the goal line fulfilling all of the definitions of a goal. A shot on goal can take place anywhere inside a player’s attacking half.

If a player takes a shot from their own half of the field and scores, the goal is disallowed, and possession is given to the opposing team. A shot on goal can be taken if the ball is rolling, stopped, or bouncing slightly.

Headers and Volleys

futsal headers and volleys

A header or volley goal occurs when a player hits the ball out of the air to score a goal. There are many rules surrounding headers and volleys, making this a more difficult scoring method than a traditional shot on the goal.

If during the volley, the player kicking the ball does anything to endanger their opponent or any player on the field or court, like swinging their foot at head level, the shot is disallowed, and a penalty is assessed against the kicking team. A ball can also be taken out of the air and scored using a header.

A header goal is when a player redirects the ball into the net using their head. This move is illegal at some levels to protect players from head injuries.

Deflections and Own Goals

Goals can also be scored unintentionally or even against one's own team. These goals can happen when a ball ricochets off a player and into the net. A player can also score a goal on their own team. If they miss kick the ball or a ball bounces off of them into their own net this is called an own goal.

Free Kicks

Another way goals can be scored is by free kicks or penalty kicks. A free kick is awarded to one team when the opposing team commits a foul. A free kick is taken from the spot of the foul, and the kicker has the opportunity to pass to a teammate or take a shot directly on goal.

Penalty Kicks

Another type of free kick is a penalty kick. These kicks are either the traditional 20-foot (six-meter) penalty kick or the 10-meter penalty kick. A penalty kick is a free shot on goal awarded to a team when a player on the defending team commits a foul inside their own penalty area.

Penalty Spot

The ball is placed on the penalty spot, which is 20 feet from the goal line, and the kicker is allowed a free shot on goal with only the goalkeeper to beat. No player is allowed to come within 16 feet of the shooter until they have kicked the ball, and the goalkeeper is not allowed to leave their line.

A 10-meter penalty kick occurs when a team commits a certain number of accumulated fouls (the number is usually five or six) in a half; any subsequent fouls result in a penalty kick from the 10-meter mark. The same rules apply for the 10-meter penalty as they do for the traditional penalty kick.


How do you score points in futsal?

A player scores points in futsal by moving the ball past the goal line, under the crossbar, and between the posts without violating any of the rules of the game. If all of those criteria are met, then a goal is scored, and a point is awarded to the scoring team. The goal can be scored in a variety of ways, and the team that has scored the most goals and accumulated the most points by the end of the game is declared the winner.