Futsal Defender

Futsal Defender

Defender Roles and Responsibilities

In futsal, the defenders are responsible for stopping the opposing team while they are attacking. In futsal, there are 5 players on each side and there is no limit to how many of those players are defenders. However, it is most common to start 1 or 2 defenders on a futsal team.

Futsal defenders have several responsibilities. First and foremost, they are responsible for stopping the opposing team’s attack. When the opposing team is bringing the ball up and attacking, it is primarily the defenders responsibility to stop that attack.

With that being said, defenders are also responsible for being involved in their team's attack. While defenders are by no means the primary attacking options, on a small field with a small number of players, they certainly are involved. In futsal, it is more common to see defenders making passes to start the attack than it is to see them taking on the opposing team’s defenders with skill moves.

The defender most times is the furthest player back and therefore has the best view of the field and what is going on. With that being said, the defenders are typically the most vocal players on the field and are responsible for directing the other players on their team.

Defender Skills and Techniques

One of the most important aspects to being a successful defender in futsal is positioning. Since the field is particularly small, being in the correct position is vital for stopping the opposing team’s attack. In addition, positioning is also important to cutting off and intercepting passes.

Communication is also extremely important. The defender is typically the furthest player back in futsal which means they can see the whole field, so it is important that they communicate with their teammates. 

Lastly, it is key that defenders in futsal mark the opposing teams attackers. On a small field like futsal, it is easy to get caught up trying to win the ball, but it is equally as important to stay with your mark as an open player can be just as dangerous. 

Defender Strategies from Outdoor Soccer

There are also several traditional outdoor soccer defending techniques that apply to futsal. One of these techniques is forcing an attacker onto their weaker foot. In soccer and futsal, players typically have a dominant foot and a weak foot. It is important that a defender positions themselves in a way that forces the attacker to use their weak foot.

Another technique that is used by outdoor soccer players that applies to futsal is the defenders approach. When approaching an attacking player, it is important that the defender decelerates so that the attacker does not run right by them. Decelerating will force the attacker to make a pass or use a skill move, however if you approach an attacking player at full speed, they can easily touch it right by you. 


Is futsal defending different from traditional soccer defending?

There are some aspects to playing defense in futsal that are different than traditional soccer, however it is for the most part the same. There are several traditional soccer defending techniques that apply to both traditional soccer and futsal. However, the biggest difference between a futsal defender and a traditional defender’s responsibilities can be seen in the attack. As there are fewer athletes on the field, futsal defenders are more involved in attacking sequences than traditional defenders.

Why is it important to decelerate when approaching an attacking player?

When defending in futsal and outdoor soccer, it is extremely important to decelerate as you approach an attacking player. If a defender approaches a player at full speed, the attacking player can easily touch the ball by them or get around them easily by passing and running behind them. However, when a defender decelerates, the attacking player will be forced to pass the ball or try to use a skill move to beat the defender.

How many defenders are there on the field in futsal?

There are five athletes on the field for each team in futsal. There is technically no limit to how many of those players can be defenders, however it is common to have 1 or 2 defenders on the field at a time. There are several different formations that can be used in futsal such as a diamond or a box formation, and most of the common formations do not include more than 2 defenders.

What is a futsal defender’s main responsibility?

Although futsal defenders have several responsibilities, their main responsibility is to stop the opposing team’s attacking players. There are many different strategies that defenders use to be successful but ultimately, all that matters is that they are able to stop the opposing teams attacking players. Futsal defenders have several other responsibilities including communicating with their team and keeping their team organized, however, their main responsibility is ultimately to stop the opposition's attacking players.