Most French Open Wins Men's Tennis List Ranked

Most French Open Wins Mens Tennis List Ranked

The French Open, also known as the Roland-Garros, is one of tennis’ most storied events. Tennis greats from Novak Djokovic to Björn Borg have left their mark in Paris. This list overviews the 11 winningest players in French Open history. Note this article is limited to the French Open, which began in 1968, and does not extend to the multi-time French Champions prior to the Open era.

Which Men’s Tennis Players Have the Most French Open Wins in the Open Era?

  1. Rafael Nadal - 14 Wins
  2. Björn Borg - 6 Wins
  3. Mats Wilander - 3 Wins
  4. Ivan Lendl - 3 Wins
  5. Gustavo Kuerten - 3 Wins
  6. Jan Kodeš - 2 Wins
  7. Jim Courier - 2 Wins
  8. Sergi Bruguera - 2 Wins
  9. Novak Djokovic - 2 Wins
  10. Ken Rosewall - 1 Win
  11. Rod Laver - 1 Win

1. Rafael Nadal - 14 Wins

For almost two decades, Rafael Nadal has been the most dominant player in French Open history and his 14 wins are unparalleled. Nadal took home the title a record five consecutive times (2010-2014). He won the French Open four consecutive times on two other occasions (2005-2008, 2017-2020).

Björn Borg was the only other man to achieve four straight French Open wins (1978-1981), and no one else has won more than two in a row. The tennis “GOAT” debate often comes down to Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer. At the French Open, Nadal holds a 13-2 record over Djokovic (7-2) and Federer (6-0). Rafael Nadal is the most recent French open winner of 2022.

2.  Björn Borg - 6 Wins

Björn Borg has the second most French Open wins in men’s singles, having won six times during his career. He also became the second man in French Open history to win consecutive titles when he defeated Guillermo Vilas in straight sets in 1975. A few years later, Borg went on an unprecedented winning streak of four straight French Open championships (1978-1981).

In 1978, Borg did not lose a set the entire tournament and only dropped 32 games on his way to another championship victory over Vilas. His mere 32 lost games remains a French Open record. The Swedish superpower nicknamed “the Iceman” successfully defended his title the following three years. Borg also remained the No.1 ranked player in the world for most of this run (1976-80).

3. Mats Wilander - 3 Wins

Mats Wilander, another Swedish great, is the first player with three French Open wins. He was also the heir apparent to Borg after claiming his French Open victory in 1982. This 1982 victory was the first time an unseeded player won the French Open in his first appearance. 

Wilander was one of the most successful French Open competitors of the 1980s. He made it to the finals five times during the decade and claimed victory three times (1982, 1985, and 1988). Wilander had a fierce rivalry with Czech star Ivan Lendl as the two combined for six titles in seven years. Wilander ended his career in 1988 ranked No.1 in the world. 

4. Ivan Lendl - 3 Wins

Lendl, like Wilander, dominated the 1980s, winning the French Open thrice. He also made it to the French Open finals five times in seven years (1981-87). His first taste of the French Open finals came in 1981 when he pushed tennis legend Björn Borg to five sets before falling to the “Iceman.” Lendl’s next finals appearance came in 1984 when he squared off against another tennis great, America’s John McEnroe. McEnroe took the first two sets but Lendl came roaring back, winning the last three sets and claiming his first Grand Slam title.

Lendl’s title defense in 1985 came up one match short when he fell to Wilander in the French Open final. Lendl defeated Mikael Pernfors in straight sets to win his second French Open in 1986. The following year, Lendl ended his French Open career with a successful title defense by downing Wilander in 1987. 

5. Gustavo Kuerten - 3 Wins

Gustavo Kuerten was the last multi-time French Open champion before the long reign of Raphael Nadal. Kuerten entered the 1997 Open as a relatively unknown and unproven player. The 20-year-old was ranked 66th in the world and made a miraculous run through the field, defeating multiple-time champion Sergi Bruguera in straight sets. 

Kuerten became the first unseeded player since Wilander to win at the French Open and the first Brazilian to hold that title. By 2000, Kuerten had added a few more tournament championships and came into the French Open seeded fifth. Kuerten defeated third-seeded Magnus Norman to capture his second French Open title. In 2001, the top-seeded Brazilian successfully defended his title against Àlex Corretja for his third and final French Open victory.         

6. Jan Kodeš - 2 Wins

Jan Kodeš won back-to-back French Open championships in 1970 and 1971. Kodeš was a clay court veteran who played in every French Championship from 1966 to 1981, holding an overall record of 45-14. Kodeš entered the 1971 French Open seeded seventh and cruised to the finals, only dropping four sets on his way. 

In the championship match, Kodeš downed Željko Franulović in straight sets in the shortest match in French Open history (1 hour 18 minutes). The following year, the top-seeded Kodeš advanced all the way to the finals, where he met the No. 3 seeded Ilie Năstase. Kodeš outlasted Năstase to claim his second and final French Open title. 

7. Jim Courier - 2 Wins

American Jim Courier won four grand slam titles, including two French Opens, in a three-year stretch from 1991-1993. His first French Open title came in 1991 when the No. 9 ranked Courier squared off against fellow countryman and No. 4 ranked Andre Agassi. Their meeting was a five-set back and forth slugfest, with Courier coming out on top. 

The two would meet the following year in the Paris semifinals, this time with Courier- the defending champion- ranked No. 1 and Agassi ranked No. 11. This 1992 French Open matchup was not as close. Courier beat Agassi in straight sets and then did the same thing to Petr Korda in the championship.   

8. Sergi Bruguera - 2 Wins

Prior to being upset by Gustavo Kuerten in 1997, Sergi Bruguera was a star on the Paris clay, winning the Open twice. Bruguera claimed the French Open crown in 1993, successfully defended his title in 1994, then was two matches shy of the hat trick in 1995. Bruguera captured his first title in 1993 when he upset the two-time defending champion Courier in a five-set match. 

Bruguera knocked off Courier again the following year in the semifinals of the French Open. In the 1994 finals, Bruguera defeated his fellow countryman Alberto Berasategui three sets to one. Bruguera made it all the way to the French Open semifinals in 1995 before losing to the United States’ Michael Chang. 

9. Novak Djokovic - 2 Wins

Novak Djokovic captured his second Paris championship in 2021, making him the most recent men’s singles player to win two French Opens. Djokovic may be best known for his excellence at the Australian Open, where he has amassed a record nine titles, but he has also had success in Paris. 

Djokovic has made it to six French Open finals since 2012. Djokovic defeated Andy Murray in 2016, capturing his first French Open title after falling in the finals the previous two years. In 2021, Djokovic entered the tournament as the No. 1 seed and successfully made his run to the finals. In the championship match, Djokovic battled back from a 2-0 set deficit to defeat Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas.       

10. Ken Rosewall - 1 Win

Ken Rosewall holds the unique distinction of winning two French championships in two different decades and in two different eras. Before the Open era, Rosewall won the 1953 French Championship when he defeated American Vic Seixas 3-1. Rosewall turned pro in 1956 and therefore wasn’t allowed to play in the amateur championships. The French Open era that began in 1968 was the first time professionals were allowed to play (officially) alongside amateurs. Rosewall headlined this event when he defeated Rod Laver 3-1 to capture the first-ever French Open title.

11. Rod Laver - 1 Win

Australian Rod Laver was in a similar boat to Rosewall and ties him for one Open Era French Open win. Laver won the 1962 French Championship at the age of 24. After the Grand Slam victory, Laver turned pro and was barred from the tournament until the French Open era began in 1968.

Laver fell to Rosewall in the first French Open final in 1968. The following year, Laver would have his revenge against his fellow Aussie, downing Rosewall in straight sets to win the 1969 title. Laver won a total of 20 majors in his career across singles and doubles competition, which ranks sixth all-time. 


Who has the most men’s French Open wins in tennis?

Rafael Nadal holds the record for the most French Open titles among men, with 14 championships to his name. Nadal is by far the most dominant French Open player of all time, as the next best player, Bjorn Borg, has only won six times.