Will Bugatti Ever Join Formula 1?

Will Bugatti Ever Join Formula 1

Unfortunately, Bugatti, a French automotive brand making luxury cars, does not plan to join Formula 1 (F1) any time soon. Although Bugatti uses Formula 1 technology in their exotic cars, the cars do not meet regulation, ease-of-use, and driver-comfortability standards, which are strictly monitored by the Fédération Internationale de I’Automobile (F1A). Although Bugatti doesn’t plan on joining Formula 1, car brands like Porsche and Cadillac hope to join in the future.

Bugatti Cars Are Built for Luxury, Not Racing

Bugatti cars are actually built much faster than racing cars used in Formula 1 races. However, Bugatti cars are also quite heavy; cars used in Formula 1 races must be light in order to compete with the fastest cars. Perhaps Bugatti may one day create a car that can be used in Formula 1 races, but for now, the French car company does not plan on entering the international racing sport any time soon.

Car Brands That Have Joined Formula 1 (F1)

Some of the most popular car brands compete in Formula 1. Currently, car brands and teams that are included in Formula 1 include Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Ferrari, Alpine, Alfa Romeo, Haas F1 team, Williams, AlphaTauri, and McLaren. During each season, Formula 1 teams compete in races called Grands Prix, which occur in various countries. These teams and brands compete in some of the most anticipated races throughout the year, such as the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

Which Car Brands Will Join Formula 1 in the Future?

Recently, Andretti-Cadillac has requested to join Formula 1. Car brands like Porsche and Audi have discussed joining Formula 1. As Volkswagen, Audi, and Bugatti are all owned by Porsche, it is most likely that a Formula 1 entry by the brand would be made under the Porsche nameplate.

Tesla has also shown interest in joining Formula 1, which fans of the car brand would like to see. Joining Formula 1 can be quite difficult, since the international organization has strict sustainability requirements. Overall, fans of Formula 1 are excited to see new, beloved car brands compete in Formula 1 races in the future.