What Is The Miami Grand Prix In Formula 1?

What Is The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix is a new and exciting addition to the Formula 1 schedule. Held partly on the streets of Miami, the creation of the race has capitalized on the skyrocketing popularity of Formula 1 in the US. Keep reading to learn more about the Miami Grand Prix.

  • Venue: Miami International Autodrome
  • Location: Miami, Florida, USA
  • First Race: 2022
  • Distance: 191.5 miles (308.3 km)
  • Track Length: 3.3 miles (5.4 km)
  • Laps: 57
  • Most Driver Wins: Max Verstappen (1 win)
  • Most Constructor Wins: Red Bull Racing (1 win)

What Is the Miami Grand Prix?

The Miami Grand Prix is a 191.5-mile Formula 1 race that is held in early May. Officially called the Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix, the race is the first of the season’s three races held within the US. A relative newcomer to the F1 schedule, the race was first held in 2022. This coincided with the sport’s growing popularity in America, making 2022 the most-viewed Formula 1 season in the US in history.

The race consists of 57 laps around the Miami International Autodrome, a 3.3-mile circuit featuring 19 corners. The temporary track is constructed each year for the race, and it uses interior roads within Hard Rock Stadium, specially built sections of racetrack, and a section of 203rd Street, a public road.

Miami Grand Prix History

In 2018, Formula 1 submitted an initial proposal to the city of Miami to host a Grand Prix event located near the Port of Miami. The city agreed with the proposal, but complications arose around construction at the port, so a new proposal was submitted in 2021, moving the location to Hard Rock Stadium. The race was added to the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship schedule, and a custom circuit was designed by F1 track design firm Apex Circuit Design.

Qualifying Procedure

The Miami Grand Prix follows the standard Formula 1 qualifying procedure, and there is no sprint session. All 20 drivers participate in a three-round knockout qualifying session. After an 18-minute initial qualifying (Q1) with all cars on track, the five slowest drivers are eliminated. After the 15-minute Q2, the five slowest drivers are again cut, and the ten remaining drivers compete in a 12-minute final qualifying (Q3). Final qualifying sets the first ten starting positions in the grid, with the remaining positions set based on times set during Q1 and Q2.

Miami Grand Prix Format

The Miami Grand Prix is run continuously, and the first driver to cross the finish line after completing 57 laps is declared the winner. Racing may temporarily pause due to a safety car, which can be brought out by a wreck or debris on the track. Prior to the race, the drivers make a reconnaissance lap to make final adjustments, followed by a formation lap behind the pace car to warm up the tires, fluids, and systems. The race begins with a standing start from the starting grid.

Teams and Drivers

Like other Formula 1 races, 20 drivers from 10 teams compete in the Miami Grand Prix. Max Verstappen, the lead driver for Red Bull, won the inaugural race in 2022. Verstappen and Red Bull look poised to capture another victory, as he kicked off the 2023 season with wins in Bahrain and Australia. Other competitive teams that could easily take home a win are Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Ferrari.


Why is the Miami Grand Prix important?

The Miami Grand Prix is important because it is a new Formula 1 race that takes place in the US. First run in 2022, it was the second US-based Grand Prix on the schedule. The Miami Grand Prix’s introduction coincided with an increase in Formula 1’s popularity in the US. (A third US race, the Las Vegas Grand Prix, was added in 2023.)

When was the first Miami Grand Prix?

The first Miami Grand Prix was held in 2022. Although a Formula 1 race in Miami was proposed as early as 2018, construction issues delayed the process. Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing won the inaugural race.

Is the Miami Grand Prix a road race?

The Miami Grand Prix is a road race. Most of the track is made up of interior roads of Hard Rock Stadium and custom-built sections of temporary racetrack. A public road, 203rd Street, is also part of the track.