Top 10 Richest F1 Team Owners

Top 10 Richest F1 Team Owners

Formula 1 came about in the 1920s in Europe and has since grown into an empire of ever-growing, wealthy, high-class car racing. Nowadays, Formula 1 drivers are some of the highest paid athletes in the world and ownership of each team goes for millions of dollars. This attracts some of the wealthiest people and corporations in the world. Listed below are currently the richest team owners in F1 racing.

Who Are the Richest F1 Owners?

  1. Groupe Renault: $51.3 billion
  2. Chalerm Mateschitz: $24.7 billion
  3. Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company: $18.7 billion
  4. Stefan Persson: $16.4 billion
  5. James Ratcliffe: $13  billion
  6. Finn Rausing: $10.2 billion
  7. Piero Ferrari: $5.5 billion
  8. Lawrence Stroll: $2.9 billion
  9. Karl-Johan Persson: $1.4 billion
  10. Toto Wolff: $438 million

1. Groupe Renault (Alpine)

Groupe Renault, the corporation that owns Alpine, is worth a total of $51.3 billion. Also known as the Renault Group, the French multinational corporation has been manufacturing automobiles since 1899. A publicly traded company, more than 62% of Groupe Renault is owned by private shareholders. The French state owns 15%, with Nissan owning another 15% in a cross-ownership agreement. One of the top light auto manufacturers in the world, Groupe Renault enjoys a yearly revenue in excess of $40 billion.

2. Chalerm Mateschitz (AlphaTauri, Red Bull)

As the majority stakeholder of Red Bull GmbH, Chalerm Mateschitz has a net worth of $24.7 billion. The owner of both the AlphaTauri team and Oracle Red Bull team inherited his vast fortune from his father, Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull and its racing company when the late patriarch passed away in 2022. That left Chalerm Mateschitz with 51% stake in Red Bull and ownership of both teams that fell under the Red Bull Racing banner.

3. Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company (McLaren)

Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company is worth $18.7 billion. The holding company is the administrator of the sovereign wealth fund of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The fund’s assets come from oil and gas revenue; however, the holdings are related to investments outside of the petroleum industry. Thus, the Mumtalakat Holding Company owns a 56% stake in McLaren Group, which operates the McLaren Formula 1 team.

4. Stefan Persson (Alfa Romeo)

Swedish businessman Stefan Persson is a co-owner of the Alfa Romeo team and is worth an estimated $16.4 billion. Most of his massive fortune comes from his 36% stake in fast fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz. He inherited his portion from his father, Erlin Persson, who founded the company in 1947. Though Stefan Persson then passed the reins of the company on to his own son, he retained his fortune and partial ownership of the Alfa Romeo team.

5. James Ratcliffe (Mercedes)

James Ratcliffe has a net worth of $13 billion. A British chemical engineer and businessman, Ratcliffe is the chairman and CEO of INEOS chemical group. He founded the company in 1998 and still owns two-thirds of it, accounting for the majority of his wealth. In addition to being a principal partner in the Mercedes F1 team, INEOS owns FC Lausanne-Sport, a Swiss Super League soccer team. Ratcliffe originally worked for Esso, then moved to the private equity world after getting a MSc from London Business School. Founding INEOS was his path to success, as today, the company draws over $18 billion in yearly revenue.

6. Finn Rausing (Alfa Romeo)

Finn Rausing has a net worth of $10.2 billion. The Swedish businessman and billionaire heir co-owns Sauber Motorsports and the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team. Rausing is the son of Gad Rausing, the Swedish industrialist that founded Tetra Pak, the largest food packaging company in the world. Tetra Pak enjoys $12 billion in annual revenue, and Finn co-owns it along with his brother Jorn and sister Kirsten through their holding company, Tetra Laval.

7. Piero Ferrari (Ferrari)

Italian businessman Piero Ferrari is a partial owner of the Ferrari F1 team and has a net worth of $5.5 billion. As his surname implies, he is the son of Enzo Ferrari, the legendary founder and former owner of the Ferrari Automotive Company. Thanks to his inheritance, Piero Ferrari owns a 10.26% stake in his father’s company. In addition to this already large fortune, he also owns 13.2% of the multinational shipbuilding company, The Ferretti Group. As the only living son of the company’s founder, Piero Ferrari retains ownership of the F1 team that bears the family name.

8. Lawrence Stroll (Aston Martin)

As Aston Martin’s owner, Lawrence Stroll has a net worth of $2.9 billion. A Canadian-born entrepreneur and businessman, Stroll grew up as the child of a successful fashion businessman. Now, Stroll is the majority owner of not only Aston Martin’s F1 team but Aston Martin as a whole. He has made several investments in retail alongside motorsports and continues working with investment firms. 

9. Karl-Johan Persson (Alfa Romeo)

Swedish businessman Karl-Johan Persson is a co-owner of Alfa Romeo and has an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion. Persson inherited his role as CEO of the fast fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz from his father, Stefan Persson, who inherited his own role and fortune from Karl-Johan Persson’s grandfather, Erling Persson. Though he was ultimately replaced as CEO in 2020, Karl-Johan Persson has acquired a large fortune between his own business pursuits and his family ties, and he retains partial ownership of the Alfa Romeo team with his father.

10. Toto Wolff (Mercedes)

Toto Wolff is a co-owner of Mercedes’s F1 team and is worth an estimated $438 million. Along with drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, Wolff owns Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, each man owning a 33% stake in the team. In addition to being the team owner, Wolff is the Mercedes team chief and has been part of the company since he joined as executive director in 2013. Before this, he was an autosports driver in his own right and even bought stock in the Williams F1 team in 2009 before committing wholly to Mercedes a few years later.

Honorable Mentions

Gene Haas (Haas)

Gene Haas is the majority owner and founder of the Haas Formula 1 Team, with a net worth of $250 million. He began Haas Automation after inventing a new kind of indexer that would change the way cars drove. In 1988, production began, and his money began coming in. He was involved in NASCAR for 12 years before joining Formula 1 and creating the Haas team in 2014.


Who is the richest F1 Team owner?

The richest F1 team owner is Groupe Renault, the owner of Alpine, worth $51.3 billion. The French automobile corporation is mostly publicly owned, but the French state and Nissan each have 15% stakes. The richest individual F1 team owner is Chalerm Mateschitz, the majority owner of Red Bull and AlphaTauri, with a net worth of $24.7 billion.