Formula 1

formula 1


Formula 1 racing features high-tech race cars that are built to meet a number of requirements. Each car is designed to reach approximately 600 horsepower, making a Formula 1 car dramatically faster than a conventional race car. Moreover, F1 cars are extremely aerodynamic, containing turbocharged engines and internal systems that gather heat energy throughout the race and allow for short bursts of extreme speed.

International Events

Formula 1 is an international sport, as races take place all over the world (i.e. Australia, China, Russia, Spain, Brazil, the United States). Each race is called a "Grand Prix" and consists of three phases; practice, qualifying and race day. These events generally unfold over the course of a weekend, as drivers are required to complete at least one practice session on a Friday and meet a predesignated finish time during the qualifying phase on Saturday before being eligible to compete in the actual race on Sunday.

Elimination Format

Unlike other standard racing rules, Formula 1 recently introduced an elimination format to its qualifying phase. Rather than simply deem the fastest cars eligible for the actual race, the slowest driver is eliminated one-by-one during the qualifying rounds until a field of 22 cars remains for race day.


The design of a typical Formula 1 race is very similar to a NASCAR race, with drivers being lined up single-file prior to the race based on the times posted during the qualifying phase. Once the green flag is waved, drivers are permitted to begin the race. The winning car is the car that is first to complete all the laps and cross the finish line accompanied by the checkered flag. Contrary to popular belief, Formula 1 racing is not all about speed. The cars are designed to succeed in short bursts and must be carefully managed by the driver in order to hold up over the course of a race. Drivers that fail to make strategic pit stops or allow their cars to undergo necessary "rest periods" throughout the race are often subjected to burnouts, in which the cars stalls and cannot make it to the finish line.

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