Formula 1


A racing sport where individuals engage in a single-seat, open cockpit race around a track, aiming to finish the track in as little time as possible. Formula 1 is the highest level of auto racing in the world. The category, which is very popular all around the globe, gathers the best race car drivers in the sport in exciting and fast-paced races in all corners of the world, from Brazil to Abu Dhabi. Each grand Prix is a weekend event, where drivers practice on Friday, have qualifying sessions on Saturday and compete in the big race on Sunday. The category's prestige comes due to a rich and old history, full of interesting characters, dominant athletes, passionate fandom, heroic moments, and exciting races.In Formula 1, drivers are part of teams, which have two cars in the grid. Some of the most traditional teams are well-known car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes, and Renault. Although the number of teams, and consequently the number of drivers racing may change from season to season, there is always somewhere around 20 drivers in the grid. They will race against each other, and the drivers who finish in the top three positions will take part in a podium ceremony and be awarded trophies. In Formula 1, there is also a point system. The higher a driver finishes in a race, the most points he will be awarded. The driver who has the most points throughout the season is crowned Formula 1 World Champion at the end of it. There is also a Constructors championship, in which the team whose pilots score the highest number of points are crowned Constructor World Champion.