When Does Football Season Start?

When Does Football Season Start

Football season is one of the most exciting times of the year in America. Millions of fans tune into or attend hundreds of games held across the country, from youth football, to high school and college, to the NFL. But when does football season truly begin? How long does football season last?

Here are the start and end periods for the regular season and playoffs of each football league:

NFLSeptember February
College FootballAugustDecember/January
XFLFebruary April
USFL AprilJuly
High SchoolAugust/SeptemberOctober/November/December

“Football season” means many things to many different people, but in terms of timeframe, the prime season for football in the United States begins in August and ends in February. While certain football leagues may begin earlier, most people will generally track football season alongside the NFL season, which begins in September and ends with the Super Bowl in February. As a fall and early winter sport, football is known for its associations with relaxation, family, friends, and even the holidays, and its placement in the year contributes to this unique and exciting atmosphere.


When is football season?

Football season is in the fall, typically beginning in late August or early September. While some leagues start in August, football season traditionally begins around Labor Day weekend, the first weekend in September.

When does football season end?

Football season ends anywhere between mid-October and early February, depending on the league. The Super Bowl ends the NFL season in early February, and the College Football Playoff National Championship ends the college football season in early January. Depending on the state and league, high school football season ends anywhere between mid-October and mid-December.

How long is football season?

Football season is between eight and eighteen weeks, depending on the level and league. High school football seasons consist of eight to ten games. The college football season is 13 weeks long, with each team playing 12 games. NFL teams play 17 games over the 18-week regular-season schedule.