When Does College Football Season Start?

When Does College Football Season Start

Perhaps an even more popular sport than NFL football, NCAA college football is one of the most lucrative and anticipated sports on the yearly calendar. Each year, millions of fans deck themselves out in jerseys and fan gear commemorating their favorite team, tuning in to watch the best pro football prospects play hard-fought games. So, if you are a new fan of college football, you may be wondering: when does the season start? When are the preseason, regular season, and postseason games held? Below, we will answer all of your questions about when college football season begins and ends.

When Does College Football Season Begin?

The general start dates for the college football season are as follows:

  • Preseason Starts: Mid-to-Late August
  • First Regular Season Game: Late August
  • Playoffs Start: Around January 1

College Football Preseason

College football starts in late August. While players train at least once a week starting in late May or early June, daily practice starts in earnest in early August. A week of preseason games, called Week 0, takes place on the third weekend of August.

College Football Regular Season

Week 1 of the NCAA college football takes place during the fourth week of August. The regular season lasts for 13 weeks, followed by the Army-Navy game weekend.

College Football Postseason

The college football postseason begins on or around January 1, with the two semifinal games taking place at one of the New Year’s Six Bowl Games. The National Championship Game is played a week later.


When is college football season?

College football season is held yearly by the NCAA, beginning in the month of August. The season typically begins late in the month, with weeks of training and practice prior to a single week (Week 0) of preseason action prior to the kickoff of the regular season during the fourth week of August.

How long is college football season?

College football season is a little over four months, lasting from late August through the middle of January. Excluding the one week of preseason games and the playoffs, the regular season lasts for 13 weeks, beginning in the fourth week of August and lasting through November and December.

When does college football season end?

College football season ends in January. After the end of the regular season, the postseason takes place in December, leading up to the hosting of the Bowl Games, including the New Year’s Six. A week after the New Year’s Bowl Games, the National Championship Game is held, bringing an official end to the season.