What Was The Biggest Comeback In A Super Bowl Game?

What Was The Biggest Comeback In A Super Bowl Game

The story of a good comeback is one of the most cherished aspects of sports. Watching a comeback in the championship game of a sport, however, is even better. What is the biggest comeback that has ever happened in a Super Bowl? Keep reading to find out!

What Was the Biggest Comeback in a Super Bowl Game?

The biggest comeback in a Super Bowl game was a 25-point comeback made by the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons in 2017. The New England Patriots came back from a score of 28-3 and won the Big Game in overtime by a score of 28-34.

When Was the Biggest Comeback in a Super Bowl?

The biggest comeback in Super Bowl history happened in 2017 during Super Bowl LI (Super Bowl 51). The game featured the Atlanta Falcons playing the New England Patriots. The biggest lead in the game was held by the Atlanta Falcons in the early third quarter. The Falcons pulled away from the Patriots with an astounding 28-3 lead. During the course of the second half, however, the Patriots managed to bridge the gap and eventually won the Super Bowl title in overtime.

Super Bowl LI First Half

The first half of Super Bowl LI saw the Falcons put up what should have been an incredibly safe 18-point lead. After a quiet first quarter that saw neither the Patriots nor the Falcons put up any points, the second quarter was in stark contrast. The first segment of play saw the ball traded between the two teams and showed no sign of dominance from either team. Then, in three consecutive possessions, the Falcons put up three touchdowns and three extra points to create a 21-0 score differential. The only offensive action recorded by the Patriots was a single field goal. By the end of the first half of the 2017 Super Bowl, the Falcons led 21-3, and defeat seemed inevitable for the battered New England Patriots.

Super Bowl LI Second Half

The start of the second half showed no signs of a comeback for the Patriots. The Falcons scored their fourth touchdown and kicked an extra point just seven minutes into the third quarter to cement a 28-3 lead. Despite this, a fire was burning inside the Patriots’ locker room, and with 2:06 left in the third, the Patriots scored their first touchdown. Although the extra point attempt was missed, the game was far from over. Going into the fourth quarter, the Falcons still maintained a 21-point lead over the Patriots. The chances of the Patriots winning were less than 1%. A comeback seemed so impossible that Falcons' owner Arthur Blank made his way down to the field during the second half (which he often did during the regular season), anticipating a smooth victory.

Then, suddenly, everything changed when the Patriots scored two touchdowns and a 33-yard field goal to even the score at 28-28 late in the fourth quarter. The Falcons could not respond to the Patriots onslaught, and the game was tied with just under a minute left. With the score tied at the end of regulation time, the game was forced into overtime.

Super Bowl LI Overtime

In the history of the Super Bowl, only one game has ever gone into overtime. That game was Super Bowl LI, and the Patriots were about to make history. The Falcons had somehow managed to squander a 25-point lead and were unable to score in the fourth quarter of the game. With the score tied, the game went to overtime, and under the rules governing overtime at that point in the NFL, everything was on the line. Though overtime rules were later changed, in 2017, the official rule was that if a team secured the ball on the coin toss and scored a touchdown on the first possession, they would win the game.

In the overtime period of Super Bowl LI, the Patriots secured the coveted first possession of the ball and, within just eight plays, scored a touchdown to end the game. The final play of the game was a two-yard rushing touchdown from Patriots running back James White. The biggest comeback in NFL history was capped off by a three-minute drive to win the title and concluded one of the most incredible Super Bowl stories ever.


What is the largest halftime deficit a team came back from in the Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl LI, the New England Patriots overcame an 18-point halftime deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons. This was the largest halftime deficit a team has come back from in the Super Bowl. The score at halftime was 21-3 in favor of the Falcons, but the Patriots came back in the second half and won 34-28 in overtime.