What Is The Most Touchdowns Scored In A Super Bowl?

What Is The Most Touchdowns Scored In A Super Bowl

The touchdown is the most effective form of scoring in NFL football. It involves advancing the football to the other side of the field and getting it into your opponent’s end zone. Even though it is the most effective way to score, the touchdown is also the most difficult. Making your way through 100 yards of the field with another team trying to stop you every step of the way is just as hard as you would think.

With the Super Bowl coming up, it is interesting to look back at previous NFL championship records. What is the most touchdowns scored in a single Super Bowl game? This article will answer that question in detail.

Super Bowl XXIX - Most Touchdowns by Both Teams

On January 29, 1995, the San Francisco 49ers were putting on an incredible show. After four quarters, the score stood at 26-49. Ironically, the 49ers scored exactly seven touchdowns, putting them at 49 points. However, the San Diego Chargers did not take that lightly. They still scored an honorable 26 points, putting up three touchdowns of their own.

With seven touchdowns for the 49ers and three touchdowns for the Chargers, Super Bowl XXIX holds the record for most touchdowns scored by both teams at 10.

Super Bowl XXIV - Most Touchdowns by a Single Team

Although seven touchdowns are hard to beat, the 49ers actually did it before their great 1995 victory, in the Super Bowl held on January 28, 1990. If they didn’t impress enough in Super Bowl XXIX, the 49ers certainly did during Super Bowl XXIV, because with the score they were putting up, the Denver Broncos simply could not keep up.

After an incredible 55-10 victory, the San Francisco 49ers made Super Bowl history with a record eight touchdowns. Denver, by contrast, only had one. Thus, the San Francisco-Denver faceoff yielded fewer total touchdowns than the 1995 49ers-Chargers Super Bowl, but provided the most touchdowns by a single team in NFL history.

Most Touchdowns by a Losing Team

In unusual circumstances (although they make for really great games), a team can rack up many touchdowns and still lose. This section looks at some of these Super Bowl moments.

Super Bowl XIII (Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): The Cowboy’s four touchdowns and one field goal weren’t enough to beat the Steelers’ five touchdowns.

Super Bowl XXXVIII (Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots): Although both teams scored four touchdowns, a few missed extra points from the Panthers and a buzzer-beater field goal put the Patriots on top.

Super Bowl LI (Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots): Atlanta scored four touchdowns in the first half, while the Patriots only scored a single field goal. It looked like the game was in the bag and Super Bowl viewers were disappointed to be watching a blowout. But, in a shocking turn of events, the Patriots shut the Falcons out for the second half, scored 25 points, and then won with a touchdown in overtime. The final 34-28 score still haunts Falcon fans today.

Super Bowl LII (Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots): While Tom Brady went to many Super Bowls, and likes to win with style, in this case, he actually lost. Four touchdowns and an additional five points, for a total of 33 points, just weren’t enough to beat the Eagles’ 41 points.

As you can see, the record for most touchdowns by any losing team in the Super Bowl is four, and there is a four-way tie!