What is College Football?

What is College Football?

College football is the sport of football played by athletes attending either college or university. Each team in college football is associated with a school.

College football is broken up into three divisions based on school size and athletic programs: division one, division two, and division three. Division one is the largest and the highest level of competition of the three.


Each team is also part of a conference. Teams in the same conference compete against one another to try and win the conference. The biggest conferences are called power five conferences and include the ACC, SEC, BIG10, BIG12, and PAC12.

Season Length

A division one college football season consists of 12 regular season games. The first couple of games (usually three) will be against opponents not in the same conference This part of the schedule is called the non-conference schedule. The final three fourths of the season is played against teams in the conference (conference schedule).


Teams that finished the regular season with a record of .500 or better get to take part in the postseason. For every team but four, that means on final game in what is known as a "bowl game." Those four teams are selected to take part in a playoff for a chance to win the National Championship.

Bowl Games

A one game championship between two teams in a game sponsored by an organization. The organization may choose the name of the bowl, giving us names such as: Cheez-it Bowl and Dollar General Bowl. There are about forty Bowl Games each year.

National Championship Game

The four teams in the playoffs are chosen by a college football committee. They make their decision based on the team's win-loss record as well as on their strength of schedule .Two semi-final games are played for a chance to be in The National Championship Game. Both games are also considered to be bowl games. The winner of the playoff isThe National Champion of the year.

College Football Rules

The rules in college football vary slightly from standard football rules. We'll talk about the two biggest differences.

For starters, receivers only need to get one foot in bounds for a play to be considered a catch, compared to two in professional football.

College football also has a different way of doing overtime than other football leagues. Each team is guaranteed to have the amount of possessions in overtime to maintain fairness. Also, teams begin each possession on the opponent's 25 yard line.

Best Teams in College Football

Over the past few years, Alabama has been a dominant force in college football. They have won five of the past ten National Championships, and have spent more weeks than any other as first in the AP poll over that span.

Clemson has recently surged winning two of the last three championships, including this past year over Alabama.