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Coaching Football

football coaching
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What is coaching in football?

Coaching in football is integral to gameplay. The players rely on coaches  to give them direction, and show them what they may not be able to see while on the field. They are the foundation for players, it is their job to set them on the right path to growth and to winning. Coaches teach their players through film studies, and physical practice. Not only this but it is also a coach's job to motivate, and teach players proper team and game etiquette.

Coaching Requirements

Depending on what Coaching level you desire, you’ll come across different requirements. First and foremost, you must have an understanding of football to coach it, then you must  acquire certification. Most coaches have a bachelor’s degree in the field of sports whether it be sports management or physical education.

High School Football

For high school football, you must have a teaching certificate issued by the state you reside in; each state has different requirements so it is important to become familiar with them.

College Football

For college football, a bachelor’s degree is required but some schools may also require that the coach be a teacher.

Professional Football

To coach pro football, you will need a bachelor's degree in a related sports education field as well as 10+ years of experience coaching at the collegiate level. Most collegiate sports coaches were once players as well, so it is a good idea to be a player first. It is also favorably looked upon to have extraneous experience in coaching perhaps for smaller home teams.

Football Strategy

At any level, a coach must understand football and football strategy. Playing the game is very different from coaching, the points of view are different. A coach must think several steps ahead develop game strategies and plays that are versatile and teachable.

Coaching Traits

After the educational requirements are met, a prospective coach must focus on the necessary traits of a coach. Coaches are the leaders of the team, they are the voice of reason for the players. They must lead without hesitation, and must know their players well enough to build a relationship of trust. Active leaders know their teams strengths and weaknesses, and do their best to use their team advantageously. They develop drills and plays, that make their players perform better as well as exploit their players' strengths.

Motivational Speaking

Coaches must also learn the art of motivational speaking. Not only is it their job to delegate, but it is their job to make sure their team’s spirit is sustained throughout a game or practice. Because football is so physical, exhaustion is as much as an opponent as another team. Coaches must pass their love of the game onto their players, without it being overbearing. It’s somewhat of a balancing act of tough love.


Coaches oversee the planning, and implementation of the game. They must know the sport, and their players so thoroughly and create almost a familial atmosphere. It is a tough job to not only teach, but to mentor but that is essentially the coach's role. Though they are not playing physically, they are playing the game mentally.

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