Football Lombardi Award

What is the Lombardi Award in Football?

The Lombardi Award is an award given annually to the college football player who best embodies the values and spirit of NFL's legendary coach Vince Lombardi; regardless of position or football program represented. Those are: performance and leadership honed by character and resiliency. The player who wins the Lombardi Award is chosen by a mix of votes from NCAA Division-1 football coaches, journalists and sports personalities from around the United States, and former winners and finalists of the award.

The Lombardi Award was first given in 1970 by the Rotary International. The prize was only awarded to linemen and linebackers, either offensive or defensive. The Rotary International committee chose the finalists and the winner. In 2017 the award went through major changes. The Lombardi Foundation began presenting the award and changed its criteria to what it is today, where players from any and every position can win it, as long as they represent the said values

Notable Winners

Some notable players who have won the Lombardi Award in the past are A.J. Hawk, Aaron Taylor, and Chris Spielman. The winner is given the Lombardi Award Trophy. The trophy may look weird to those who are not familiar with football's history, but it can be easily explained. The granite block on the top represents Vince Lombardi's offensive line at Fordham University from his playing days, which was nicknamed "The Seven Blocks of Granite".

The Lombardi Award Trophy must not be confused with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which is presented to the Super Bowl winner.