Football Throwing Trainers

Football Throwing Trainers

Throwing trainers are a category of different types of training equipment commonly used by football quarterbacks. Many football players who would like to practice alone will have one of these throwing trainers. Throwing trainers come in many different variations and have a variety of different purposes.

Benefits of Football Throwing Trainers

Throwing trainers help improve different mechanics of a football player’s throw. While these are mostly used by quarterbacks, any player can use them. Some throwing trainers are designed to be able to be used alone or without teammates to throw to. Throwing trainers can help improve the arm strength, accuracy, and precision of a quarterback’s throw.

Throwing trainers can range from large pieces of equipment to different variations of footballs. Most teams will have a few different types of throw trainers for quarterbacks to use in drills. Some types of throwing trainers are even designed to simulate in-game situations without needing a full team. 

Things To Consider

When looking for a throwing trainer, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of throwing trainer are you looking for?
  • What level of football do you play?
  • Do you play quarterback?
  • How much do you want to spend on a throwing trainer?
  • What throwing skills are you looking to practice?

What are you looking for in a football throwing trainer?

  • Easy to store
  • Easy to transport
  • Use individually
  • Use with others
  • Serves as a target
  • To improve arm strength
  • To improve accuracy


The different types of throwing trainers include throwing nets, throw returners, and weighted footballs.

Throwing Nets

Throwing nets are one of the most popular throwing trainers used by quarterbacks. These are vertical nets with multiple targets to throw the ball in. These targets are located in different spots and levels on the net to practice throwing accurately at different points. Some throwing nets will also have a large angled rectangular net on the other side to practice accuracy on deep passes.


  • Can be used alone or with others
  • Improves accuracy from close and far range
  • Multiple different variations


  • Often very expensive
  • Can be heavy or bulky
  • Non-moving target is not always realistic

Throw Returner

Football Throw Returner

Throw returners are a type of throwing trainer designed to be used alone. It is essentially a football that is attached to an elastic rope. The intended use is to attach the end of the rope to a solid surface so that when you throw the ball, it comes back to the thrower. This allows a football player to practice throwing without needing anyone to receive the passes.


  • Can be used alone
  • Can be used in most indoor and outdoor settings
  • Very portable and easy to use


  • Cord may prevent a true throwing motion
  • Unable to see full result of a throw

Weighted Football

Football Weighted Ball

Weighted footballs have similar dimensions to regular football but weigh slightly more. Weighted footballs used for throwing are usually not significantly heavier than regular balls to prevent the risk of injury. When used properly, these footballs can improve arm strength and throwing speed for a football player.


  • Improves arm strength
  • Can be used for throwing or ball handling


  • Can cause injury if too heavy
  • Needs to be used with a target or another football player


The most popular brands that produce football throwing trainers are Fantom, Wilson, and GoSports.


Fantom is a sporting goods brand that currently makes only a few different items. They make a throw returner that can be bought in a complete set or with separate parts. Their throw returner costs $36.99 and is designed to be used almost anywhere.


Wilson makes equipment and gear for a wide variety of different sports. They specialize in making a weighted football that weighs 20 ounces. This ball is designed to improve arm strength and ball handling. This football is quite expensive and costs $100. 


GoSports makes equipment for both indoor and outdoor sports and games. They produce a few different types of throwing nets. They make a 6’ x 6’ and 8’ x 8’ net with three targets as well as an 8’ x 4’ vertical throwing net. These nets will cost $80 to $100. 


How much do football throwing trainers cost?

Throwing trainers have a wide variety of prices. Throw returners are usually the cheapest and will cost around $40 or less. Weighted footballs have the widest range of costs, from as low as $25 to upwards of $100. Throwing nets tend to be the most expensive and will cost upwards of $70.

How long do football throwing trainers last?

Throwing trainers will usually last a long time. These pieces of equipment are made to be used repeatedly, and will likely last more than a few seasons. Some types of throwing trainers, like throw returners, will even sell replacement parts in case one piece breaks.

What football throwing trainer is best for beginners?

Most throwing trainers can be used by all types of players. However, like weighted footballs, some trainers may not be the best for beginners as they might be too heavy and cause injury. Throwing nets and throw returners are usually the easiest to use for younger players to practice different effective skills.