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Football Uprights

What is football uprights? Get ready to learn about uprights in football.

What are the Uprights in Football?

In football, the uprights are the vertical bars on the goal post. The uprights are attached to the crossbar, the horizontal bar that is attached to the base of the goal post. During kicks, the ball must go above the crossbar and between the uprights for the kick to count. If the ball hits the uprights or the crossbar and bounces through the goal, the kick is still successful. However, if the ball bounces off the upright and back into the field of play, it is a dead ball and the goal does not count. There are two goal posts on the field, one on each end of the end zone. There are 18.5 feet in between the two posts and the uprights are 20 feet high.

Kicking Above the Uprights

Although the uprights only extend about 20 feet upwards, the rules state that the uprights legally extend indefinitely upwards, meaning if a kick goes directly above one of the uprights, the kick is good.

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