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Football Pylons

What is football pylons? Get ready to learn about pylons in football.

What is a Pylon in Football?

A pylon in football is a small orange rectangular marker that is placed in each of the corners of both endzones. The pylons are used by the officials to be able to see if a player breaks the goal line with the ball from a distance. The pylons are easily moved and not attached directly to the field, but are considered part of the playing field. When a player crosses the goal line, the ball must be directly above or within the pylons to count.


Touching The Pylons

Touching the pylon with the football is also fair and counts as a touchdown. However, the ball must cross the plane of the pylon. If only the player's body crosses the plane of the pylon or touches the pylon, a touchdown is not recorded.

Pylon Technology

Some NFL games feature a camera installed within the pylon. This technological advancement aims to better deduce whether the ball crosses the goal line during a touchdown review. It can also aid in seeing whether a ball carrier is down before he reaches the end zone.

However, experimentation with the cameras has proven to be futile, as it is hard to capture all parts of a play in order for a referee to make a judgment call. This means that the NFL's 360 degree angle camera set up is far superior in terms of usefulness, however the pylon camera does give the viewer a fun angle and enhances overall viewing pleasure.

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