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Football Midfield Territory

What is football midfield territory? Get ready to learn about midfield territory in football.

What is Midfield Territory

In Football, midfield territory is a term used to describe a team's position on the field. Midfield territory consists of the ten yards on either side of the 50 yard line. Midfield territory is considered good field position when a team is on offense.



When a team is in the opposing team's half of the field, that is considered a good position and the likelihood of scoring is higher. However, if a team is in their own half of the field on defense, that is not a good position and is bad territory to be in.

Being in midfield position levels out the competition and raises the stakes because the game can go in either direction. Since each team is almost equidistant from their own end zone, there is no clear advantage of which team is in favor.

Field Goal Range

Midfield territory is not quite field goal range, but it is an area where the idea of a field goal becomes possible. The 40 yard line is usually the minimum to consider a field goal, as a kick from the 40 would be a 57 yard field goal.


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